Who Are The Thieves?

By Kolajo Blessing

A loaf of bread is now an instrument of injustice,
Our unity has been slaughtered by feeds of the ravens
Still,the generation of the birds sings through our sighing,
The flocks sincerely lives while we are keeping strife.

In their old glory we still rejoice.
Unknown to them that old star is getting weaker day by day.
Old vessels on the seat of governance,
Trying to buy my future with the cheapest notes and pen,
I asked,is this the education you were given?
They turn themselves to farmers of harvest,
The land of the queen is their hidden cottage.

My teacher used to say”children are the leaders of tomorrow”
I say to you,my tomorrow has come,but my hairs are turning grey,
Is there any other tomorrow?
My certificate is being devoured by hunger.
All hail Boo-Harry.

Who are the thieves?
The fatherless lad with the passion to eat?
Fraudulent lunatic in the market?
Great midnight visitors of the rich?
Or the political oldies whose graves are begging for their visits
Who are the thieves?

Synopsis: As symbolic and representative as this piece is, Kolajo Blessing deliberately leaves a dangling question, that begs for tons of answers, in the minds of Nigerians.

Author’s Profile: Kolajo Blessing is currently our author of the month. She is a student and an aspiring writer.

5 thoughts on “Who Are The Thieves?

  1. Of course, the political oldies whose grave is always praying to devour them,that has turned the economy to what only favours them and not the poor……my dear,keep it up…Great Penner !!!

  2. But on closer look into it…..Nigeria is full of bad people, even if our economy is the best,some will still compromise it…..permit me to say ,we are all thieves …but you know there are different category…but the politician are still the biggest thieves,so far…

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