Waters and Answers

I want to sit by the coconut tree
Free from cockish realities
Relish its wavy steps
In tune with the ocean breeze.I want to look into the waters
Stone questions for answers
Its gentle kiss of my feet,
Witnessed by a world of silts.
I want to pick priceless
Freebies of the ocean goddess
Who lifted my countryman from
Nobody to somebody.
Laugh not at my archaic sense
Once tagged, ”humour in every sense”
I know ”the Ocean goddess hates filths”
I am here clean to meet with her face.
Synopsis:This is a romantic (nature) poem that examines the perceived peace and calmness a troubled soul seeks in nature..
Author: Eriata Oribhabor
Profile: He is a civil servant, a poet, erstwhile president of Association of Nigerian Authors, Abuja and one of Nigeria’s prominent promoters of poetry. He is also the chief advocate of pidgin poetry popularly known as Naija languej.


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