Holy anger, holy envy
Holy malice, holy lies maybe white
Holy lust, holy sin
Infact, holy politics.
Oohh…they say it’s diplomacy
The possession of tactfulness
To make right every wrong
In holy pinnacles of skufias and kamilavkas.

Holy water, holy food
Holy wine, holy whiskey
Holy house, holy car
Provocative giving, holy hunger
The hunger of provocation
On continual tributary
They reveal the exos
Of staggering soldering in the ARENA
Holy life, holy family
Holy wife, holy kids
Holy work, unholy pay
Oohh…they say it’s cost management
Saving to spend in yonder
And watch the excruciation with innocence
In psyching like Cain’s,
Their oblation dies before the ceiling.

Synopsis: ‘Watermark’ ridicules the hypocrisy in Christendom.
Author: Yami Bamgboye
Profile: He studied English and Literary Studies at Lagos State University (LASU)
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