Two Can Play

Reginald and Kabul had met in a way. Kabul is a fine teacher in one of the local schools. At first, taking up the job was against his own will but now, that’s gone past. Few months into their friendship, he discovers that Reginald is the younger sister of a girl he once asked out. Woooaah…he’s so much into her now and can’t possibly stop.
Then, fate plays a fast one on him.
‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ Regina yells.
‘What? …Tell you what? Kabul retorts.
‘How could I, with what nerves?’
‘Seriously, I never knew you were related and for real, nothing happened between us’.
‘She was into someone else’, he concludes.
Regina moves close, puts her hands around his waist and softly says ‘I’m not mad because you asked her out, I am because you didn’t tell me when you knew we were related’.
So, she continues ‘What else are you not saying?’
Kabul knows he’s in a deep shit. He never lies to her though but he keeps things from her. He takes a deep breath and let go.
‘I…I… kissed a girl two months ago’. Regina loses it, completely.
‘Why do you keep hurting me? Who the hell are you sef? Do I even know you?’ Kabul remains silent and wears the you-got-me-look.
‘How could I…?’ he manages to let out.
‘Oh please!’ Regina says cutting him short.
‘I made the same mistake and I told you about it, didn’t I?’
‘Okay I … messed up. I…’
‘Please…’, she cuts him short again.
‘I don’t like to hear that’.
‘Is that who you are?’
‘No… I was just weak’, he says.
‘Wait…wait, what do you want?’ he manages to ask.
‘I want the truth. Tell me everything and don’t hide a thing because I tell you everything’, she ends.
‘But we are not dating are we? Kabul asks.
‘Nope, not yet. I think I’m not ready’. Regina replies.
 Author: Yami Bamgboye
Profile: He studied English language and Literary Studies at Lagos State University.
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