To Those Who Thirst


I woke up to the roasting desert sun

My throat patched and I in dare need of water

I coughed and itched at the dehydration in my throat

My throat was on fire!

I skimmed my environment with round exhausted eyes.

What was I doing here?

How did I get here?

Where was my father’s luscious garden?

Where is my father!


The fire in my throat refused to be pacified by

The hot saliva pushed down by my tongue.

And then I saw it,

I saw it!

My heart leaped within me as my eyes beheld such beauty.


Too weak to stand, I crawled to it

Slowly, ever so slow

Finally I made it!

My strength was renewed like an eagle as I lapped at the oasis.

In every desert of despair

God always provides an oasis of comfort

To those who thirst.

Synopsis: This piece examines unconditional love God showers on us even when we shift out of His will.

Author: Temitope Deborah (O9topsy)

Profile: Temitope (O9topsy) is a graduate of philosophy from Obafemi Awolowo University.

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