Timed Butter

By Ayeyemi Taofeek (Aswagaawy)

I can hear the chiming of the bell:
Of it’s ball, boxing on all edges,
Waved by the cold hand of death.
I slammed the door on it,
Alas, it’s close like my shadow.

Yesterday, I visited the galaxy,
Moving from one star to the other,
In leaps and bounds,
I looked down to the earth and
realized man is nothing, but time…

I look up into the sun’s eyes
and it showed me the mount
it has melted and the sea it dried;
It’s a continuous job till tomorrow;
And to it, man is a mere shea butter…

Synopsis: This poem explores the author’s philosophy on the futility of life and how much humans are caught up in its ironies.

Author’s Profile: Ayeyemi Taofeek (Aswagaawy) is a Nigerian poet and essayist. He is the First Runner Up at the Okigbo Poetry Prize (UI 2016), 2 times Writer of the Year Award (LASULAWS 2016 and 2017), the Creative Writer of the Year Award (TPC 2016) and many other coveted prizes. He was listed among the #EGCtop50 Contemporary Poets that rocked Nigeria in 2016, and the #TPC African Poets Encyclopedia 2016. His works have featured in Omojuwa, Peregrine Reads, Pengician, PIN Quarterly Journal, SPIC Monthly Anthology, WRICON Quarterly Journal among others.

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