The Slap


 A message that comes painfully unexpected.
Mostly to wake what’s yet to be created.
Then you cry not because your body hurts,
But as it enters,strings of pride in your soul
Revenge then arise as the armour of your ego
Which the weak polish by failing to let go.
Fools do rust in their war of retaliation.
The wise hears another sound from the slap.
As a hero he answers to the correcting clap.
His anger like current stays in his hot cable,
When the volcano in you surge,try remain stable.
Stabilize the voltage in you even when it’s red.
Then will you power production from your head.
In transmutation you cancel insults with results.
Synopsis:‘The Slap’ is a symbolic poem that expatiates and dissects the different lessons or messages people get from horrible experiences.
Profile: He is a poet, writer and entrepreneur. He holds BA & MA in English and Literature from the University of Benin.

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