The Poem I Will Never Write!

By Kayode Afolabi
The Poem I Will Never Write
No Matter How Hard I Try
The Words Will Never Be Right
No Paint Can Design The Image
The Depth Is Beyond My Age
And I Can’t Contain The Rage
The Poem I Will Never Write
I Will Always Loose The Fight
It Can’ t Find An Abode In Words
It Can Only Reside In My Heart
The Emotions That Keep Me Up At Night
Cause I Can’t Fill The Bottomless Pit
The Poem I Will Never Write
The Ones I Ditch In The Bin
Cos Its Muse Shook My Being
And Makes Me Recoil Into My Shell
Its The Reason I Shy Away From The Light
The Poems I Will Never Write
One That Can Only Be Written By Another
Who Has Survived The Weather
For It Feels Too Heavy For My Pen.

Synopsis:In this lovely piece, the author x-rays his fears on the struggles of mortals towards individual attainments.
Author’s Profile: He hails from Kwara State and is a Mass Communication undergraduate at the Federal Polytechnic Offa.



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