The Nude Lady & The Free Gift

By Sam O. Salau                                                                                                         Episode 5
“Don‟t know! Maybe because it is bitter.”                                                                           “How can the fruit of such a lovely tree be bitter? I don‟t believe that.” Crafty Curl said as he moved closer to the tree in one long twist. He proceeded to pluck a fruit from the tree while Evelyn Beauty watched in amazement.

“Do you care for a taste?” he asked her.
“No thanks. We have been warned not to eat from it.”
“Well, I don‟t care what you are told. I want to have a feel of this fruit.” He took a bite of the fruit and his face came alive. “This is delicious. How on earth will someone ask you not to eat such delicacy?” he said as he took another bite.
“Are you sure of what you are saying? Can I trust you? I hope you are not just deceiving me?
“Why will I deceive you? Whoever said this fruit is bitter is the greatest deceiver in the whole world.” He showed the half eaten fruit to her as he spoke. As she watched him savor each bite of the fruit, she felt tempted to take a bite, but the words of Adams Strong kept coming back to her, “We shall not go near it, nor touch it”. What is the big deal there? She thought. I have already gone near and I have touched it. Nothing bad as happened. Crafty Curl had eaten it and he said it was good. I can as well have a taste.
“Can I have a closer look at the fruit?” she requested from Crafty Curl
“With all pleasure,” he replied. He threw away the shaft of the fruit in his hands, having eaten the flesh. Then he stretched forth and plucked one of the biggest of the fruits on the tree for her.
“Thanks for the effort”, she said as she received it from him. She looked closely at the fruit, examining it carefully. It was indeed pleasant to the eyes and good for food. She wanted a taste of it badly. “I remember Adams Strong said that if we eat of it we will surely die.” She protested one more time.
“But I have eaten it and I am not dead. Or do I look like a ghost to you?

”Why will you belief Mr. Gracious Being. He knows that once you eat this fruit, you will become wiser than you are, and you will be like him. That is why he scared you off it. Can’t you see reasons?”

She nodded in agreement as she took her first bite. She chewed gently at first waiting to see if anything would happen. “I think I like the taste. It is truly delicious.” She took the second bite and then the third. Then she started to eat as though she had been denied food for over a week. In no time she finished the first fruit. Crafty Curl had another ready for her.
“I need to go now. Adams Strong will soon be around. He will not be happy seeing me here” Crafty Curl announced as he took his leave.
“Thanks Crafty. You are indeed a good friend”. She said as she waved him goodbye.

“See you some other time.” She took another fruit before deciding to take her leave. She took some couples along to show Adams Strong. She was too sure that Adams will like the taste. She found him on his way back from work. He looked worked out.

“You look so tired and need something that will refresh you” she observed.
“Yes. I did a lot today, much more than I have done in the past weeks”
“Would you mind some fruits?”
“Won‟t mind anything that will relief me of some stress?” he said as he took a bite of the fruit. “This is so delicious. Haven‟t tasted this before in this garden.” He finished the first and took another fruit. “Which part of the garden did you pick this from?”
“Around the Euphrates”
“Euphrates? Which of the trees”
“The one at the farthest end of the river, surrounded by the olive trees, not too far from the biggest fig tree in the garden”
Is that not the tree that we have been asked not to eat from, the tree of the knowledge of good and bad?”
“Yes it is. Crafty Curl came around. I saw him eat it and he did not die, so I took a bite and I loved it and I thought you would like it too.”
“Oh no. You should not have done that. I warned you.” He said bitterly. “Mr. Gracious Being will be crossed with us now.”
Their eyes were opened instantly and they saw each other’s nakedness. They both wondered why they were naked. They were so ashamed of their nakedness that they had to cover themselves with leaves. They both felt very bad of their actions.
“Maybe I should have listened to you.” Evelyn Beauty apologized.
“No need crying over spilled milk. The deed is already done.” He said, making her feel more remorseful.
Mr. Gracious Being came to the garden in the evening to play with them as He always did. But they were too frightened to meet him. They were naked and ashamed. A feeling of guilt enveloped them. Mr. Gracious Being was not too pleased with their actions, and so punished them for it. He sent them away from the gardens. The man will have to labour before he eats, and the woman will give birth in great pains.This was the beginning of the problem that has spanned many generations up till now. It is the story of how man fell from grace to grass. The first man ever created, Adam nicknamed Adams Strong in this story, and the first woman, Eve identified as Evelyn Beauty, were deceived by the devil who came in the form of a snake (Crafty Curl) to disobey the most Gracious Being on earth, God.
This caused an interruption in the wonderful relationship between God and man. Adam and Eve used to enjoy the presence of the Lord in good measures. God usually came to the garden from time to time to play with them, until this nasty incident happened. The devil, not pleased with the situation of things, succeeded in destroying the relationship between God and man. The reason God created man in the first place was to continually have fellowship with man, so that after man’s days on earth, he may proceed to heaven to continue his fellowship with God. God was so sad because the action man took put an enmity between man and almost thwarted God‟s eternal purpose for creating man. Man no longer could reach God and God could not relate with man again because sin has entered the bloodstream of man. Since man was created to worship and fellowship with God, there is always a desire in man to seek for ways to relate back to God. There is always a longing in man to be at peace with God. So man started looking for avenues to relate back to God, and he tried all that he could do, but nothing was sufficient enough to bridge the gap between man and God. This thirst for God is still in man up till now. Since the fall of Adam and Eve, man tried so many ways to come back to God because of this hunger in man. All that man has tried are just physical means of reaching back to God. But the problem was not a physical one, so all the physical solutions man proposed could not solve this spiritual problem.
Man finally settled for one thing – sacrifices. They made sacrifices every time for their sins. This seemed to work for a while, but man always had to offer sacrifices from time to time. This was because they discovered that ones you could spill blood on the altar, God would be at peace with man for a while, then his anger would rise again. So they had to offer sacrifices often: daily sacrifices, weekly sacrifices, monthly sacrifices, annual sacrifices and ”every-now-and-then’’ sacrifices. After a while, God himself now determined to help man. Instead of this continuous spillage of blood, God decided to spill a once-and-for-all blood. This seemed to be the final solution to the problem of sin in the human race as it would cleanse everyone’s blood and there would not be any need for other blood sacrifices again. This will close the gap between God and man and mankind will eternally be at peace with God again.
I hereby gladly present to you today the blood that was shed for the remission of your sins, the only way you can be reconnected back to God, Jesus Christ the savior of the world. If you are ready to accept him into your life, just say this prayer right now where you are.
Lord Jesus, I have now recognized myself as a sinner. I have discovered that none of my works of righteousness is adequate in itself to save me from the grip of sin. I agree that the penalty of my sin is death, and I acknowledge that only the blood of Your son Jesus that was shed on the Cross of Calvary for the remission of sins can save me from this eternal separation from You. I accept your solution to my problem. I ask that Jesus come into my life, cleanse me of every iniquity, and make His abode in me. Write my name in the Book of Life, and give me the grace to live for Him the remaining days of my life, so that I can reign together with Him in eternity. Thank you for answers to my prayers, in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. 

The End

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