The Nude Lady & The Free Gift


By Sam O. Salau
Episode 1

It was a very cool afternoon and all looked as beautiful as ever. The sun was shining, the birds singing and the leaves on the trees were dancing to the gentle blowing breeze. Evelyn Beauty stood by the tall big tree that had always caught her fancy since she found herself in this beautiful garden. There should be something strange about this tree, she wondered to herself.

Since she had been in this garden, everything seemed so mystical. It is the most beautiful garden she had ever seen, heard, or read about all her life. The flowers are beautiful, the lawns well mowed, the grasses green, the pets cool and lovely, and the general outlay welcoming and enticing. Everything just seemed to her like a piece of art that can never be real. Much more than the aesthetics, glamour, and beauty of the place which was beyond description in human words, her major wonder is how she got in there. This is another mystery waiting to be unfolded. She just woke up one morning and found herself lying naked under the shadow of a tree. This was all she could remember.
“Good morning beautiful princess, it is my great pleasure to meet you”, a young husky voice had said behind her as she lay there wondering what on earth she was doing under a tree, naked. She had looked back and saw a very handsome man at the prime of his youth, beaming with a smile, with an outstretched hand, waiting to receive hers.
“My name is Adams Strong”, he introduced himself as he helped her to her feet. Evelyn ran a quick check on this newly found friend, warning herself to be careful of trusting strangers. He looked well fed, fair in complexion with curly hair, smart and agile. He looked really handsome with strong arms and his tummy was lined with six well defined packs.
She looked into his eyes and it seemed there was fire in them, burning through all the veins in her system. Could this be true, she was falling in love with a stranger? Love at first sight or whatever it is called, she seemed to be at peace comfortably with the presence of this stranger.
“Are you okay?”
She was brought back to her senses from the world of fantasies by that same voice she is now beginning to get used to, the husky voice of Adams Strong. It is the third time she had heard that voice in the past few minutes. It is the only voice she has heard since she found herself under that tree.
“Are you okay?” Adams Strong repeated.
“Oh yes, I am”. She managed to say.
“Just a little bit tired and need some water”, she added.
“I feel some more rest will do for you.” Adams Strong confessed in his husky voice.
“But first, let me get you some water”, he said as he turned to leave.
Evelyn Beauty tried to help herself up but discovered it was not that easy. Her legs were shaky, as though they had never been used before. She leaned on her elbow and dragged herself up, resting her back on the big tree beside her. She watched Adams Strong as he returned with a cup of water in his hands. He was naked, but not ashamed.
We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s episode. The story continues next week.

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