The Nude Lady & The Free Gift

By Sam O. Salau
Episode 2–
Then she remembered she was naked too. What could be happening?
“Here you can have the cup of water”, Adams Strong said as he stretched his hands to give the cup of water to her. Evelyn Beauty received it without either looking at him or saying thank you. Rather, she replied with a barrage of questions, as though she was not expecting any answer to the questions.
“Where am I”?
“How did I get here?”
“What am I doing here?”
“How can I get out of here?”
“I do not have the answer to all of your questions, but I will answer the ones I  can. The ones I cannot answer, we will ask Mr. Gracious Being whenever He comes.” Adams submitted.
“Gracious Being? Who is He?” She inquired.
“I guess He is the owner of the garden. He placed me here to take care of the garden and tender it. He is the only one I have seen around here apart from the animals before your arrival.” He answered.
Adams Strong cast his mind back to the first day he also found himself under the same tree in the beautiful garden. He remembered how strangely, though beautiful, the place looked. He had been very lonely and had been praying for a companion. Evelyn was lucky to have seen a companion like him on her first arrival, he thought to himself. On his own arrival, there was no one that looked like him to welcome him. All the company he had was just the animals and the birds of the air.
 “This place is called Eden East Gardens, and it is the most beautiful place on earth. I have not been here for too long too. The place is a private garden. It belongs to Mr. Gracious Being but He promised to give it to me if I take care of it well enough. He has placed me in charge of everything in the garden, living or non-living. He comes around every evening to play with me, keep me company and supervise all that I have done. What I don’t know is if He will be coming today, knowing full well that I have another company already.” He explained to Evelyn who now has garnered enough strength to stand on her feet, although still resting her back on the tree.
“Have you told Him I am around?” She inquired with a surprised look on her face.
“No, I have not!” He answered nonchalantly, as though he really did not have to.
“How then can you conclude that he is aware of my coming?” She probed further.
“You do not understand, Gracious Being always have his way of knowing things. I can bet it with you, He already knows.”
“Oh my goodness! What else do you think He will know about me? Can he help me with who I am, or perhaps tell me where I came from?”
“I guess He can, but I do not know if He will want to.” He shrugged as he speaks.
“I really would like to meet him. I pray he comes again today.”
“I cannot guarantee you that He will come today, but I know He will come soon”. He confessed, stretching out his hand in a manner that shows he wanted her to put hers in it.
This is the second time he is doing this, Evelyn thought to herself.
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