The Nude Lady & The Free Gift

By Sam O. Salau
The first time, few minutes ago, she had turned down his handshake because she could not trust him. This time around, she felt she could not reject this offer since he looks harmless and inviting. More so, he is fun to be with.
She stretched her left hand to receive his right hand and the ten fingers locked in each other. She felt a strange sensation pass through her again and wondered if this could really be what she thought it is. Is she falling in love with this Prince Charming? Only time will tell.
“I cannot wait to see him?” She managed to utter out between her lips after she summoned enough courage to speak.
“You will very soon, there is no doubt about that.”
“Please tell me, what does he look like, tall or short, fat or slim, light or dark, … … …”
“You seem to love asking questions?” Adams cuts her short, still holding to her hands. He also seems to be developing an increasing love for her since the first time he saw her under that tree. He has never seen anything as beautiful as she looked before.
“I have not even started asking, I have a lot more to ask. I cannot remember anything about myself, even my own name. Why will I not ask questions?” She poured out her mind.
“Okay. We will take it one at a time. Your name will be called, hmmmm, Evelyn Beauty!”. He said after thinking for a while.
“Evelyn Beauty?” She looked surprised as she called the name again after him.
“Yes. Evelyn Beauty”. He said emphatically.
He had given her the name Evelyn Beauty because of her great looks and wonderful shape. This is the second time he will be giving names to creatures. One of the first major tasks that Mr. Gracious Being gave him is that of giving names to all of the creations in the garden. The first few ones looked tasking for him, but after a while, the names flowed more easily. Mr. Gracious Being was so pleased with all of the names he had given each of the creatures brought to him. This gave him confidence in himself. This was why he could give her a name he feels is appropriate for her – Evelyn Beauty.
“Why did you pick that? I never heard that name before?” She queried.
“As long as you have no objections to it, permit me to call you that.” He pleaded.
“What other options do I have? I don‟t know my name, and cannot remember any other name that fascinates me so much that I want to answer, and you are magnanimous enough to help out with a name that sounds so sweet, why would I want to reject it?” Evelyn Beauty explained, reasoning aloud, talking more to herself than to the man who is still standing by her side. Adams Strong squeezed her fingers lightly to show his pleasure with her acceptance of the name.
“Thanks for the name”. She replied his gesture with a wide smile.
He caught a glimpse of her set of teeth as she smiled. They all looked so clean and bright, as though they have never been used before now. He wondered, could his own set of teeth also had been like that the very first day he came to the realization of himself. He also had a number of unanswered questions:
Who is his father? Who is his mother? What brought him here? For how long would he stay here?
And the greatest question of all is, what is so special about the tree? He has kept away from the tree since the day Mr. Gracious Being asked him not to eat of its fruits. Will Evelyn Beauty also keep away from it, or would she eat from it? What would happen if she decides to eat from it? Will she surely die?
“I said thanks for the name”, Evelyn Beauty said for the second time, breaking into his thought line.
“You are welcome,” he said reluctantly
“You seem to be lost in thought”, she observed. “What could be bothering you?” Evelyn Beauty inquired.
“Oh, never bother. It is a minor issue.”
“I care to know”. She replied
“It is none of your business, at least now”, he snapped back at her.
“I take that as an insult”, she said with a frown on her face, looking downcast.
She looked more beautiful with a frown, he observed. “My humble apologies. I did not mean to insult you. Just being careful.”
“Being careful of what?”
“You won‟t understand”
“Okay then, would you please tell me what is bothering you?” She asked again. “Please, I really will like to know.”
“If you insist.”
“I insist.”
“Okay, I promise to tell you, but that will be later in the day.”
“Why not now?”
“Because you look tired and fagged out. Some good rest will do for you. There are four big rivers around this garden: Pison, Gihon, Hiddekel and Euphrates. You choose one and I will take you there, you have a cold bath in the hot sun, and then retire to have some rest. Then later in the evening we will talk about the issue.” Adams Strong explained, trying to get her attention from the issue that is bothering him.
“That sounds like a good plan. I think I need the bath, and then the rest.”
“Great then! Choose one of the four rivers where you would like to have your first bath in Eden East Gardens?”
“I don‟t know any of them.”
“I just told you their names a while ago.”
“You don‟t expect me to cram those names. They don‟t sound like anything I have heard before in all of my life”. All of my life? She wondered to herself. How long or how short the all is, she really cannot remember. Her head is just blank.
“Pison, Gihon, Hiddekel and Euphrates,” he repeated again, not knowing she was long cut off from the discussion.
“I think I will go with the last one, Eu… Euf… Euph…,” she stammered while trying to call the name. She really has not mastered names. It is the first name she is meant to memorize aside the name of her new found friend – Adams Strong, the owner of Eden East Gardens – Mr Gracious Being, and her own name – Evelyn Beauty.
“Euphrates?” He helped her with the word.
“Whatever you call it.”
“That is great! You won‟t believe it, that is my favourite too. You will love it. Just that it is so close to that tree.”
“Which tree?”
“Oh, never bother.”
“You seem to be hiding so much from me. Am I sure am safe with you?”
“Oh yes, you are. It is still about the issue I want to discuss with you later in the day.”
“I cannot wait to hear it.”
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