The Head as Tail


    Reading the hills… 
    Their communion in nature thrills
    Never lost to hill fries 
    Whose underbellies were rated homes
    To the finest waterbeds…in them, 
    I fed In far flanged communities 

    Drank from their streams. Young maidens 
    Over their chests, strapped wrappers 
    On their faces, lines of pain written 
    On their backs, warts and all play. 
    Stack beauties. 
    Tell you of him fanning his crown daily?
    Swims in the rush of title-bearing accolades? 
    Custodian of tradition of blind readers 
    Local politics and economics 
    Defilers of tradition and cultures 
    Why breed another cohort?

    Synopsis: This a political piece that compares the past with the present and wish Nigeria had a different breed of leaders.
    Author: Eriata Oribhabor
    Profile: He is a civil servant, a poet and one of Nigeria’s prominent promoters of poetry. He is also the chief advocate of pidgin poetry popularly known as Naija languej.


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