The Goons

And they are gender generic.
Ethereal motherhood;
Dreaded stingy bees;
Scorpions with revered venoms;
Terrestrial bodies set
On the threshold of liberty,of will.
They ravish with terrestrial weaponry
Annihilating colours of the rainbow,
The tracery of hankering
To form a faint ark in the distance;
Some,not even the faintest.
By the sleight of hand,
They wait so patiently at doorways
To celebrate the conquest
Of souls on errand
Even the disciples of the upper room.
So,it was…
Adam was caught
In their webbed tarsals
On a fateful day!
His was a muse,an incarceration
Of a gladiator riding on stars
With the innocence of a new born.
They rode on feathers
They trod on wings at Heaven’s Gate
And they smote a thousand times.
Synopsis: This poem examines the overwhelming dominance of witchcraft on people and even lazy Christians.
Author: Yami Bamgboye

Profile: He studied English language and Literary Studies at Lagos State Un

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