The Broken

By Mihz Words (Bleeding Pen)
Walking on the sun-tanned bushy path, escorting the lazy overworked sun down its homeward journey;destination the stream, which basked in all of its regality, luring birds far off in the sky for a pretended tasty sip while eyeing the fishes swimming gracefully. With the air in her face tingling her scalp, she felt alive, streaks of cool heat coaxed her now damp loins as the unseen finger romanced her skin. Looking up, she felt the sun smile seductively at her, tears glistened her eyes as she lost awareness of every other thing around her and smiled warmly at the sun.
She began walking again perturbed by her own heart’s loud beats, she wondered if a passerby will hear her heart thudding. Her features relaxed when she looked around and realized she was alone on the long unbending path. Now with unseeing eyes, she walked slowly, unconsciously swinging the rope in her hand.
Her heart fully aware of what she was about to do, her head intently obsessed with the need to carry out her heart’s wish, then she saw the stream in all its liquid blue royalty, with a vastness as enveloping as a locked room. She felt drawn as she inhaled the intoxicating smell of freedom competing with the urgency in her head, “Just a final swim and I’ll be done” she thought. Now naked to her undies, she stepped into the cool warmth of the stream letting her tears compete against the fast torrent of the stream, she laid on the water feeling its coolness sip into her rocking her to a screaming silence.
From a near-far distance, he watched her; the same way he had always watched her from the day of her birth. He knew the heaviness of her heart could sink the stream, he knew she’ld be there for a while and them come out to end it all, he also knew he was the reason for her sour misery. True he had driven her to this edge true also he wasn’t going to let her fall no, she needed only look and she’ld see the staircase winding up a glass house. Seeing her love and devotion, he decided he wasn’t going to let the world miss such a masterpiece, with a lingering smile, he came out of the openly hidden place he had stood, making his way amidst death and strong will.  He went into the stream, flowed with the current, tickling her feet, feeling the response he needed, he sipped into her, fusing life into her already numbing blood vines, he felt the joyful rage surge through her bones as her dulling brain welcomed him. He sensed her heart fire as he touched it lingeringly.

Yes, he was rejuvenating every numb cell going dead, he noticed dirt and cobwebs dragged his legs soon enough, floods of relief will wash them away, he wanted her sparkling clean as she had always been. With a sure sense of fulfilment, her eyes flew open against her will, her stomach’s juice tightened in anticipation of what was to be, she had felt a tingle up her spine with numbed senses she accepted it as death’s stroll, she had felt enveloped but reasoned that she was a step away from death and then she felt her heart enflamed, her blood veins housed new enzymes, her dying cells where re-knighted, her brain sang aloud as it sweetly reminded her that death doesn’t have this special feel.
Now alert with curiosity she pondered what was happening to her on instinct she looked within, there she saw him smiling with a nearly fainting glint in his eyes “you are back” she murmured, “Yes, I am, this time with a difference” he murmured into her ears, almost bursting with joy she rasped “I dont want to know why you left, I’m glad you’re back and for good” with a grin he said “Get up, you have a huge task ahead.”

It was dark now, so she had the moon for a guard. Contentedly, she whistled homewards.

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