The Botany of Love

As the butterfly of attraction flies,
It enters a man’s eyes to his adamic soul;
Bugles into a woman’s ears to pollinate.
Love drops like a seed secretly sown,
Roots in the moisted soil of the heart,
Dry hearts is tilled with lovely words,
Unnoticed it sprouts with admirations;
Quite a shot,tender, delicate and helpless.
Love dies as a crushed larve if ignored.
In gravels of abuse,it strives to survive.
But attention nurtures what kind lip waters.
Sunny chats photosynthesize and fertilize
What lingers in dark petals of our hearts.
Love’s often at the mercy of novice gardeners
Who withhold what should be boldly sown.
Beware the vineyard,your words trespass,
Naive deeds can germinate desperate seeds,
Then you sow where you won’t joyfully reap
As their weed attacks your wheat,it hurts;
Yet the failures of the winter is a teacher.
Love’s in seasons; flowered in spring.
Haste not to offer or take the harvesting ring.
The fruit will ripe,don’t pluck unripe.
Lovelorn and sour is the taste of the unripe,
That’s why many never know it’s true taste.

Synopsis: Chidi addresses the ironies of love in this poem.

Author: Obigod Chidi Ebele

Profile: He is a poet from the eastern part of Nigeria. He is also an author, a writer, a motivational speaker and an evangelist.

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