Soldier Man

I live for my country
While they live in its comfort
I sow the peace with blood and sweat
while they reap its fruit
On our blessing they prey
Despite how I pray
they feast on my pay
our efforts they took for play
I sacrifice my strength and might
Fighting for its life day and night
for its love I remain its knight
Only me and my kind can proffer it with
a beacon of light
I sever the love of kindred
I forsake the love of my family
I journeyed far from my home
To answer the beckon of my nation
While they fly over land and seas
Revelling in the comfort of their
At a sound of barrel they flee
While am made to face the war
A lot of my ilk
Have been used as a fire to a wood
we are subjects to their rule
Nothing but a tool
To use and discard as they wish
Am told to soldier on
To ignore the pain
While they pocket the gain
and enjoy their reign
I try to survive with my ilk in harmony
Yet we keep on wilting for the lack of
Their loss is etched in my memory
Of what use is this journey of no glory?
Synopsis: This poem is written in solidarity of the dedication and sacrifice of Nigerian soldiers toward the unity of the nation and by extension, other soldiers the world over.

Author: Kayode Afolabi
Profile: He hails from Kwara State and is a Mass Communication undergraduate at Federal Polytechnic Offa.

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