She Smiled (Short Story)



By Silva Epitome (Miss Word)

What was her name? She was the one that lived close to your friend whose house was opposite your uncle’s some two streets away from where your teacher lived and this teacher’s house was close to yours. She was a dark coffee-skinned little beauty, she was one you’ll call a magnetic magma because upstairs, she was a dazzling fire. You couldn’t beat her words only your harsh words could beat her. She was so fortunate to be the first daughter of this lovely pair who believed in the importance of female education.
Blessed with a strong educational institute, she began schooling at a year and ten. A hot brain is an understatement because indeed she was bright. Several times she got promoted and teachers thought “she’s wiser than her age.”This little girl
was one well loved, she was a daughter all wished for. She knew answers before questions; even the rhythm question sing is at the back of her mind.
Evil as usual saw this shining light and wished to curb. It sought to numb this whiz kid knowing she was born great and so at a little age a victim she became. Ah!!! At so young an age, terror was now living inside her. Violated and abused, trampled andconquered, her shell had been touched and like a snail, she recoiled inside, invented an island of her own, becoming the empress of this world of solitude, a thick wall was built around this island; none from the outside could penetrate.
Long gone were the infectious smiles youd always want to smile along with. Forgotten were the cackling laughter the sun laughed with, even the moon yearned for her sweet melody at night. The stars all miss her gaze on them, friends were all kept at arms length and life was taken too seriously. She spoke only when being spoken to. Her heart became cold; it was locked in a freezer I think. Her brain deactivated “sense of humour,” yes!She was given love but there was no reason to love back. Smiling seemed like an exam and despite how hard she tried, she kept failing and so gave up on this exam. She grew upwith the name “ICE PRINCESS” because indeed she was ice.
JSS1, she was still at the top. The hot-headed little witty wizzy wizard. Like Joseph, she was the smallest amongst all but best beloved. This one person everyone wants to be with had one great flaw.”She is an Island” this was what Beatrice told Joy the new girl in class who wanted to be friends with her.
“Why is she like that?”
“Hmmmmmm my dear,”
“That is something no one knows,”
“Could it be caused by pride?” Joy asked.
 “Nooo!” Beatrice disagreed. “I’ve known this girl since primary one she isn’t the proud type.”
“Then If that’s the case, I believe she must have been traumatized by an experience so shocking that it tugged her root”
“Yeah, I agree with you” Beatrice concurred.
Two seats to the back away from the chattering girls, three boys sat together. Philip a boy too tall for his age whistled loudly “Guys, this girl is the Devil himself”“Ssshhh!!” Joshua the class prefect reprimanded him, “she is the Angel herself” he countered.
“She’s just got a great story to tell and as such give her time to pull out of that shell”
“Can we please skip the topic of the Ice Princess? My stomach has been growling since” Prince grumbled and Philip punched him lightly.
“You just struck a point bro” Joshua smiled.
“You gluttons”
They left for the cafeteria laughing and teasing one another.
Obviously oblivious of the several discussions about her which continued even into JSS3 with few leaving and more joining, the Ice Princess sat alone in her class one day, in the third row on the left of the board, reading a book to herself as usual. Kenneth was the name of a tall, slim, handsome guy who joined them that year in school. He was the school’s comedian. A very funny boy everyone would want to hang around. You could never be bored around him. Youd always find yourself a handful around him. He was only few months in the school but he knew everyone. He had touched the heart of everyone except the Ice Princess, no one could break her wall.
A class seriously preparing for exam had no spare time for plays and jokes but somehow Kenneth had always managed to make everyone smile. One Friday morning, everyone was laughing
to a joke Kenneth had told and to her, it was just like a distant discussion. She didn’t seem to get head or tail of what was funny in the joke. Quickly waving the thought aside, sheconcentrated harder that she could actually stop the noise wafting into her ears from the class. So serious was she that she didn’t notice when someone creeped up to her, held her cheek tugging it lightly and said “ICE PRINCESS, I SAW YOU SMILE IN MY DREAM.”
She looked up from her seat only to find her wall of reserve melt under the intense joy in his eyes, the dancing laughter on his lips, the deep things his light touch on her skin was doing to her senses. She felt the spell holding her smile weakened and a glorious smile lit up her face and once again, heaven saw a smile. Within a second, the class was around her dancing with joy and she found herself scoring marks in that exam she thought she’d never be able to pass.The class threw a party and the Ice Princess became known as the Nice Princess. Oh! Before I forget, her name was Mirriam.

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