Reigns of Morta, Episode 4

By Yami Bamgboye
A day had gone past before Shevo left for Kouande to be with Makanju. He couldn’t shove his fears aside as he journeyed, their steps were very loud in his heart. He knew his sister needed help but the type was really unknown.
‘Hi’, a little voice beside him whispered just when their bus was fast approaching the most famous park in Kouande. At first, Shevo thought he heard that some yards away. He had been lost in thoughts but that jerked him back to the present. He turned very slowly and saw a lass give a smile invitingly. ‘Oooohh not now’, he thought.
Shevo was not the usual kid that was alien to things like this, he had been self-taught since he was a teenager. He was quick to complete ninety-five percent of his growing cycle at thirteen with a fine face, an average body size to match and had his first sexual encounter with an older teenager on his fifteenth birthday.
On this very day, he had been at an evening music concert in the neighbourhood. In the frenzy of several churchy outburts, he got talking with a sassy girl. She was elegant, fluent and dressed in a silk grey gown with red patches that hung a little above her knees. Soon, a walk by both into a corner,virtually uncrowded, led to a squeeze or two, then kissing, then a quickie. After the encounter, Shevo felt a thing…he couldn’t say but it felt more like launching. His heart palpitated, his strength ebbed and his knees quaked with excitement. He sat to recuperate for a minute and chuckled shyly.
‘It’s your first time right?’ He chuckled shyly again.
‘I know that feeling…’, she said.
She pulled him up, gave him a parting kiss and left him standing. It was the last he saw of her.
Since then, Shevo had been quite casual with matters of sex. His other sexual escapades had been with Akwaaba right before his friends, in the room they shared and Jumai, Oshiya’s childhood crush. It really was the type that examplified the ironical pyramid of attraction. Oshiya was attracted to Jumai but her emotions tilted more toward Shevo who never felt a thing for her. Shevo had been smart all the while though. He could read her body language and only had to wait for an opportunity which never came until they were out of secondary school. The adventure lasted for one good year without Oshiya’s knowledge and abruptly ended when Shevo left Kalakuta to study in Ghana.
‘Hi’, he managed to let out his own whisper with gestures that discouraged further pep talks. He rested his head, feigned tiredness and closed his eyes for the rest of the journey. The only thing he wanted was just silence to savour his own thoughts not company.
‘I made the sause with kulikuli, you like it?’  Koko said to her husband, Lt Colonel Olembe O., popularly known as O.O. among his friends. He hadn’t been home for two days and today that he was home for short hours, she meant to make the most of it. It was some minutes past 10pm.
‘You really never stop exploring with your cooking skills.It’s nice, I like it’, he replied.
‘I was going to …’ the boom from the phone on the wine bar beside the dinning corner completed the sentence. It was a secure line but not a portable.
‘Yessa’, he replied with rapt attention and was on the phone for as long as it took the Chief of Army Staff to brief him on his immediate deployment.
‘It’s an order from above’,the voice from the other end added.
‘Meanwhile, you have a day off. Report back to the Headquarters on Friday by 0800 hours’.
He went back to his meal and ate even slower than he had.
‘Koko, something isn’t right. I’ve just been redployed…never saw that coming’.
‘O.O sweetie, it’s just redeployment nothing to worry about’. She cupped his left palm with little strokes.
Moments later, she was in on O.O. It was a craft she had mastered for serious business. After a number of soothing tickles, she put her tongue on his left nipple and moved it round about very slowly. O.O moaned.He turned over, held her closer and tended to her need.
If one thing was sure,it was Koko’s deep love for O.O., she knew she couldn’t compromise that for any mission regardless of the magnitude. She had it spelt out from her first day in D.U. Kalakuta’s most sneaky, deadly spy intelligence—Africa’s version of Russia’s KGB,America’s CIA or any Op-Centre controlled by the government but non-existent— with networks far away in Egypt. Funnily, this wasn’t controlled by the Kalakutan government but a cartel of business moguls in key areas of its economy.
‘He’s out of arms way, good to go’. She said from a scrambled line after sneaking out on O.O who’s deep asleep.
Shrapnel from shattered cameras, whatnots and bodies littered everywhere. The air around the media conference was thick and foggy. Survivors couldn’t see beyond one yard as they coughed and waved their hands to clear the air. Medics who managed to respond timely had more body bags than life-saving gadgets and two or three were seen from another corner helping the badly hurt to waiting ambulances that would take them to the hospital within the presidential villa.
Each year, a whooping, drooling quantum of money was budgeted for re-equipping the hospital. It was the most equipped in the land but the least used. However, the people whose need it was meant to meet flew constantly out of Kalakuta to treat an illness as little as cough or ear infection. This time, maybe it would serve a real purpose now that there was a situation.
Few moments later, security personnel a little distance away from the twin blast swooped in, joined by the battalion from the nearest base with choppers hovering over the villa to give aerial coverage and backup. The first platoon had their orders, first to find the President and then secure the perimeter concurrently.
‘I see his new ADC in the debris of the small podium before the cameras. He’s lying face down. I check for pulse but there’s none’. The leader of the platoon said into a receiver pinned to his left shoulder. He moved away, turned a few more bodies and yelled.
‘The President is missing. I repeat the President is missing’.
Catch the next episode next week Thursday, hoping you enjoyed this week’s episode.


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