Poster Colour

She misses him
She won’t tell him
Her fingers tremble
When she touches his
She won’t let him
So she turns around
Hoping he didn’t
See her smile
She knows it
But won’t show it
When he’s around
So she packs her dress
And clicks her heels
She doesn’t say bye
Lest he replies
And his voice remains in her head
She won’t tell him
He makes her laugh
Like no other
That his smile is more beautiful
Than the rainbow beyond her window
So she shuts her eyes
To sleep away his thoughts
Then he reappears
She loves him
She knows he does too
She sees it when he looks into her
But she won’t tell him, not yet
So she turns her head down
His fingers lift her face up
Till her feet feel like balloons, light
Then she melts in his embrace
Author: Tim Nwaobilo
Profile: He graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University with a degree in mechanical engineering. His poems have been published in local and international anthologies.

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