Our Likes

Some like it hot
Neither cold nor warm
Like yesterday’s pounded yam,
Rolled-over warm in mortars,
The day’s delight for some,
So it goes with them in the league
Averse to a sip of yesterday’s palm-wine
Saying; it tastes better by the day.

Some like it dead-cold
Neither hot,warm nor cold
Like him who quarrelled
Over the lack of dead-cold beer;
So it is with them who won’t near
A warm meal with a long spoon
Saying; ”if it’s not cold, it should
be dead-cold.”
I want it hot-hot
Neither cold nor warm
Unlike them who want it cold
Warm or dead-cold.
Like them who eat daily ”indomie”,
I love my tea boiling daily hot
In its rising steam, I jump
It caresses my facial feels
With scented oozes.

Synopsis: This poem is contained in a collection ‘That Beautiful Picture’. It x-rays the things that appeal to different individuals.

Author: Eriata Oribhabor
Profile: He is a civil servant, a poet and one of Nigeria’s prominent promoters of poetry. He is also the chief advocate of pidgin poetry popularly known as Naija languej.


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