'Omugwo', Afolayan's Newest Movie Debuts in Cinemas Locally

Unlike the quick money materialistc mentalism of an average Nigerian youth of today, Kunle Afolayan is known to have paid his dues through his own fair share of failures, disappointments, etc. and has risen to a (not ‘the’, in my opinion) zenith where the winds have no two duties but to take the rewards of his hardwork to him. Shortly after his appointment into the cabinet of the Governor of Lagos State as a member of the Board of the Lagos State Council for Arts & Culture, his latest flick ‘Omugwo’, which has just been debuted, has begun to garner accolades as is customary to most of his movies ranging from ‘The Figurine’,’Phone Swap’,’Irapada’, ‘October 1′, to others.
While revealing his thoughts before the screening at The Silverbird Cinemas,, Mr Kunle Afolayan explained that the movie was indeed a deviation from his usual style. Furthermore, he said the movie was initially a small budget television drama commissioned by Multi-Choice, the owners of DSTV in partnership with his company (Golden Effects Productions). However, along the line, he decided to join his fortune with theirs to make it a full-length movie. He also noted that later in the year, the remaining two of the three commissioned movies by Multichoice for 2017,’Roti’ and ‘Tribunal’, would be released.

Synopsis of Omugwo

The movie was inspired by Kemi Adesoye, a seasoned screenwriter and brought to life by talented actors like Patience Ozokwor (a.k.a Aguba, Mama G), Ayo Adesanya, Christian Paul, Ken Erics and others. It’s a story that’s centred on motherhood. The stylistic uniqueness of Kemi blends the acrimony between the Nigerian culture and westernization through the exhilarating roles of Patience Ozokwor and Ayo Adesanya who both contend to do the ‘omugwo’ of their first grandchild.

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