Burn of the brightest days, the sun shone,
Irreplaceable’s, a bin, stuck with memories of thee.
Abounding in liberal love
Fair, forbearing and forgiving,
Reasonable, rational and ravishing
Appealing and pleasing
While the long for thee usurps me out of self-hold
To thy powers, show forth a sign.
An assurance, yon! My hero, I shall behold.
In my cardiac part, an empty inn.
Fill in it, hopes of thy return
Oh priceless poor fellow.
Thy strong-arm physic, another apple in Eden.
Have ye been chopped by another Eve?
A mystery known or unknown and those left.
Where art thou!
Art thou naked?
Hearken to the voice of ye cherished.
Through the storm, thy path home, find.
To the arms of thy Lulu.
With eyes strained and sullen,
Looking on for thy return,
Pining for my hero’s fragrance
Staying put to thy course and existence
Standing on, helplessly for all still standing.
Impoverished and into a no name where bundled.
Thy princess is a broken flesh like a boat wrecked.
An unbroken spirit still, upholding thy pride and doctrine
Hear thee, thy wounded princess spoke,
Come home and be again, my home.
A tunnel! Be it a map to hope!
Craved to Magma and back for thee
I shall run to meet thy heroic kiss to be whole again
Come full today and half again.
And stay my domicile, brightest sun.
Synopsis: Ogbunigwe as the title implies, is a symbolic cum emotional (lyrical) poem that’s written to long for a lost lover, profess the writer’s undying love and express her hopes of seeing him again.
Author: Chimmuanya Alieze Oshim
Profile: She was born and raised in the eastern part of Nigeria, Ebonyi State precisely. She has a diploma in political science and is currently studying Law at Ebonyi State University.


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