By Yami Bamgboye
It was Ovie’s first day at his new school. Ovie had an aura round about him that seemed to endear him to many. Indeed, everyone wanted to get close if not for anything, at least, to familiarize. At exactly 9:45 am, their physics teacher, Mr Ambali walked into the classroom. He was a stout figure. His rotundness added spice to his husky voice. Sometimes, it felt like he vibrated while he spoke. He looked round a little sternly amidst the silence of his students.                                                                                                                             ‘We have a new student, I guess’, he cooed.                                                                         ‘Yes sir’, Jasmine replied. She was the class representative.                                                   ‘Hello, our new friend, could you introduce yourself formally to the class?’ Mr Ambali said. Ovie got up with all smiles. He adjusted his shorts and tucked in his shirt.                             ‘My name…’, he started. ‘My name is Ovie Obo’.
Just at the sound of ‘Obo’, a mischievous lad let out a quelled laughter. Others fought hard, resisting the temptation to join. Mr Ambali jostled his long cane against the front desk. He raised his bowed head and the streak of smile on his stern look gave him out.                       ‘Ovie what again sorry?’                                                                                                       ‘Ovie Obo’, he repeated innocently.
This time, a whirling laughter had rented the air. Ovie felt deflated.                                        ‘I’m sorry Ovie, but ”Obo”…how is it spelt?’                                                                          ‘O.B.O–Obo’, Ovie repeated.                                                                                                ‘You know what Ovie, I would suggest you add an ”h” to it, say… ”Obo-h”’.
Author’s profile: Yami Bamgboye is a graduate of English and Literary Studies from Lagos State University.
Photo credit: Corper Diary

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