The reviews of yester-day,
Early hours of each new one,
Spurs the mind to cogitate.
Regrets of that, which should, but wasn’t done
for the day
Lasting there upon thoughts, this new chance’s

Whistling into late hours, new worries a bay.
Upon this couch, here again I lay.
Relishing, the taste of a sore day,
My breadth dances to the tune of woods &
feeders of certificate.

At our saturation point, nature takes
Vaguely fighting her course, with eyelids forced
Waking from dreams, dreamt halfway,
Tick-tack, clock says repeatedly, up there.

Colliding with darkness, stopping to remember
the last scene.
Longing for a dawn, never have been.
Perhaps, rights made wrong could be reversed to
set the mind at ease.

Alas, the villain borders less & dwindles into
Exhausted from the grip of thoughts, a lass
could not be less sure.
Methinks, Today crawled its way from

Author: Chimmuanya Alieze-Oshim.
Profile: She was born and raised in Ebonyi state.
She has a diploma in political science and is
currently studying law at Ebonyi State

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