Night of November

Mama’s words keeps dropping,
Into my ocean of thoughts,
But her sermon of persuasion is not enough to crumble my fortress of worries.
Until tonight I had separate specialities.
Now it seems am the best of my own worst.
That night,
My eyes were opened,
Yet,darkness kept swimming into my path,
The star on me was full of power,
I still stumbled into the den of lions
I was locked on the floor,
There were no signs to tell the way,
My witnesses were the green plants and tiny stars,
And they seemed to be swallowing my shouts and pleas.
That night I sang like a wounded goat.
I danced in the pool of red wine,
I was not afraid but I wept,
I was not tired but I was weak.
The stars were strapped, the cold has been strangled even the moon was dim.
If I forget it all,
I  will still remember that I was XIV.
And the cold will whisper it into my ears”it was on the night of November.
Synopsis: As a strong voice against the victimization of young girls, Kolajo Blessing, through this piece, stresses the physical and emotional or psychological pains of rape that tend to remain forever. This poem is dedicated to rape victims all over the world.
Author: Kolajo Blessing
Profile: She hails from Oyo State. She is a writer, a lover of poems and a 200L Law student of Olabisi Onabanjo University.

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