New Found Love

I had promised myself not to love again;
the daughters of eve had inflicted serious pains
Time, love and sincerity are scarce, yes! I know
but these cold treatments make me feel so low,
Years went by, I refused to fall in love,
hoping that one day a true angel would come from above,
wipe my fears in the sea of passion,
and stop this lingering mockery and allusion,
You appear in my sky with intense rays of light
which make my flowers rise and blossom so bright
cold spring water flows over cave without hindrance,
as beasts of the forest and birds watch this bee-dance,
Whispering in the night brought great succor to my heart;
The rising of the new moon and season come to a start
You are my diamond; greatly refined and invaluable,
to treat you like a star; I hope I will be much able.
Author: O.A. Arowolo
Profile: He is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University (O.A.U). He studied biochemistry and currently heads the science department of a school in Lagos.

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