Never Again!

‘Awaz, you know you really do great when you do me…’ Oluti said amidst quick breath.
‘Bad rough rider!’
Awaz lay panting and only managed a smile.She put her head on his chest and stroked his navel with her index finger.
‘Oooooowwwwh’ he chuckled.
A few seconds later, silence broke for a long period and each reveled in their own thoughts.
‘Hmmm…’ Oluti said finally, breaking the silence.
‘That was loud. Why did you do that?’ Awaz inquired.
‘I don’t know,it was nothing’.
‘You were silent too. What were you thinking?’
‘I don’t know, it was nothing’, he said too.
Awaz and Oluti both had pasts they were too unwilling to share and too scared to ignore. Awaz was never married because no woman ever wanted to stay while Oluti had just lost her third husband. The first had died mysteriously shortly after her only child. The second was an ageing man who couldn’t get her pregnant. He died while trying and the third just went missing without traces.
Author: Yami Bamgboye
Profile: He studied English language and Literary Studies at Lagos State University
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