My Ugandan Angel


From celestrial she appeared a gorgeous figure,
Such a beauty lacking intentions to lure.
In the dark soil of Uganda she was sown
To provide the terestrial with divine tone,
In pickle nest of Masaka she’s groomed
Under olive trees of her kirk she’d bloomed.
She prowls with gait of a caring goddess.
May Muganda have Namata for a duchess.
Fairy of favour that flew into our souls’ horrow
Folks flow,unctioned with the awe of her halo.
Divinity transfigures Mary into a Cherubina
To blow her sweet trumpets in godly stamina
Melody that motivates my sword to victory
As my crusade arise, leading Africa in cavalry.
Author: Obigod Chidi Ebele
Profile: He is a poet from the eastern part of Nigeria. He is also an author, a writer, a motivational speaker and an evangelist.

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