My Poetic Muse

Show me a man who can seduce a naiad,
With his weaseled words & sly tongue;
Stirring repressed emotions with rossy gamut songs,
To bedevil her heart with madrigals & ballad.
Intellectual & handsome is my muse indeed,
Can be cryptic & uncanny in a time of need;
Although gentle & kind he is forsooth,
But I’m often offended by his sweet tooth.
Show me a mortal who has seen a god cry,
Master & perpetrator of great mysteries;
A being who always encouraged me to try,
Master in unraveling shady histories.
Who’s like unto thee, oh my muse!
Oh great muse! Intellectual & noble,
Thy eloquence is known in all the earth;
The dexterity of thy quill is divine & humble,
Thou has been my shadow right from my birth.
Only those without wisdom will spout uncouthly words,
Thy sleight artful mind shalt exalt thee above all;
Come hell or high waters,Thou wilt still stand tall,
Thy comely physiques wilt take thee to the ends of the worlds.
Come it oh demon tempest that vents hatred upon me,
Bespoken the plight of all men that must be;
Thou art valiant,Inflexible & strong,
Some critics have tried & been proved wrong.
Thou who transcends the infamies & the malignant,
Thy mild nature & benevolence is insooth benignant;
Thou who knoweth the strength of thy speech,
Thou came down to earth with thy backside in breech.
Not even the nymph are beyond thy reach.
My master & guardian that never leaves my side,
Thou hast taught me in the art of thy craft;
Folly & clumsiness thou hast thrown aside,
Cursed are the benighted that say thou art daft.
All humans at birth are naturally good,
Their nature similar, their habits make them different;
Try & seize a hungry man’s food,
And thou wilt see the repressed anger he vents.
Thrilled with lissome lust of the light,
My muse came, careering out of the night;
From Sicily & from Arcady,
They know thy voice & sweet melody.
Roaming as Bacchus with fauns & pards,
And nymphs & satyrs for thy royal guards;
Come with Apollo in bridal dress,
[Skilled Shepherdness & Pythoness].
Come with Artemis, silken shod,
And wash thy white thighs, beautiful god;
In the moon of the woods, on the marble mount,
The dimpled dawn of the amber fount!
Dip the purple of passionate prayer,
In the crimson shrine, the Scarlet snare;
The soul that startles in the eyes of the blue,
To watch thy wantonness weeping through.
The tangled grove, the gnarled bole,
Of living tree that is spirit & soul;
And body & brain- come over the sea!
Devil or god, come hither to me.
Come with trumpets sounding shrill,
Stand with both feet upon the high hill;
Come with drums low muttering,
Thy face as clear as the waterfall spring.
Come with flute & come with pipe,
Underestimate me not, for I’m yet to ripe;
I, who wait & writhe & wrestle
With air that hasth no bough to nestle.
My body weary of empty clasp,
Strong as a lion & sharp as an asp-
Thrust thy sword through the galling fetter,
All-devourer & all-begetter.
Give me the sign of the open eye,
And the token erect of the thorny thigh;
And the words of madness & mystery.
Although thou arth limited as a man,
Do what thou wilt, as a great god can;
Oh children of Mithras, I am awake!
Entangled in the grip of a snake.
The eagle slashes with beaks & claw,
Even the gods & vods will have to withdraw;
The Increate comes, oh Muse I am borne
To the death upon the horn
Of the unicorn.
Wine & meat rots at the vermilion gate,
I am thy man, I am thy mate;
Goat of thy flock,.I am gold, I am god,
Flesh to thy bone, flower to thy rod.
With hoofs of steel I race on the rocks,
Through solstice stubborn to equinox;
I rave, I rack & rip & rend,
Everlasting, world without end.
Mannikin, maiden, maenad & man;
The roots of my wisdom is my Muse, oh Pan!
Oh how naive & ignorant a man can be,
Seize thy mirror & set it before thee;
Stare into the mirror & what do thou see?
Behold! Brethren, my Divine Muse glares back at me!!
Synopsis: This poem is classified as an ode extolling and eulogizing the perceived inspiration of the writer who tends to be a being of dual nature.
Author: Moses Asoh
Profile: He is a student who loves to be a poet in future.


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