Love You Stand Accused!!

Love! The song of the great Jackson,
The frail of the invincible Samson.
The intriguing romance of mighty Titanic.
You hosted all Romeos and Juliets picnic
But for the pitiable destruction of Troy,
The mayhem Paris and Helene did employ
You stand accused.
Love, you stand accused
For two suitors that got a lady confused.
The cherished virginity lost and regretted,
Opportunities forgone,never to be created.
For deceiving young gullible hearts,
The minor,who are novice in your arts.
Love, you stand accused
For the conjugal that was abused,
You bind two to be one,in order;
Yet put asunder with another.
For stolen coitus enjoyed illegally;
Destiny forfeited,exchanged prodigally.
Love, you stand accused,
Caught in the act,your alibi won’t be excused,
Justice prevails in this poetry court.
Plaintiffs stand with evidence of their hurt,
History lists down victims,dead in silence.
Yet you claim Lust did all in your absence.
“Love,you stand accused!”
Says the faithful Judge who’s not amused
At misguided dramas of Valentine’s days
Attorneys of love bribed by erotic plays,
And moral constitutions are violated by Eros.
The jury are blinded,weakened by his arrows.
Love! To where should we sentence you?
Agape,your divine partnership justifies you.
If we doom you;hate will boom like bomb.
Love’s for the living,no romance in tomb.
The most misunderstood word in our world.
Yet paramount in this moribund world.
Love,you stand acquitted.
Author: Enemuo Chineze Gift
Profile:  She is a web developer, a gospel artiste and a lyricist. She uses poems as a way of expressing herself.


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