Lost Childhood

Kenyan housemaid who prepares food with urine for her wicked boss

I was five when papa expired
Mother lost her prestige and pride
Our home melted away horribly
When the ugly cold night came,
We shivered and could not sleep.

My head was full of dreams
There was no fault in my stars
My sky was full of humble stars
But I saw only from the seaside
What tomorrow holds for me.
I have watched the day woken from
Its night of sleep and nightmares
I have read the tales drawn on my palms
pushed the blames to the silent water
for no good spices in the land of my
noble birth.
Wait, look and see
another yell of pains from my lips
I was sold into slavery at six
receiving destituted battering and
abuses under the baking cruel sun.
I lost my childhood at seven
raped and shattered like a dream
Trudging the hollowed empty street
My skeleton mocked my flesh that
has dashed his hopes away.
My yesterday spoke of worrisome
as it went like boys and girls in a
new pair of shoes for Christmas
Out of the world of freedom into
abyss of empathy of lost of self.
Wait, look and see
I am now wild like a lion
When I raise my voice again
freedom shall be my chorus to render
for I hate peace which is an illusion.
A childhood taken in joy
another pain births in tears
I will not put legs to this words
I would have told you about my
Testicles but that would be for
tomorrow at dawn
Synopsis: This poem examines the horrors of poverty and its resultant effect on children whose parents give out to work as housemaids.

Author: John Chizoba Vincent
Profile: He is a poet and a lover of creative writing with the byline catch-phrase ‘From_A_Pen_Refusing_Frustration’.

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