By Ibrahim Sheu

When all hope seems lost,
And the very sight of me,blurred.
When my very essence is plagued and gored,
When fortune flees me and love turn sore,
When my winning horse tripled and fall,
What do I do?
When life becomes unbearably putrid
And the wise and learned turn stupid,
When anarchy reign and blood grace the day
And the scholar of truth are rent vacous,
When perfidy replace camaraderie,
What will man do?
When the sane perceive the insane as sane.
And the life of the masses is regarded as a funny game,
When the custodian of truth are been treated with disdain
And the implorators of unholy suit are lauded as king,
When common hierophants are being revered as God,
What will become of the Shepherd?
When “truth” becomes a story of fable,
And ancient “knowledge” got interred with the dead in their sepulchre
And the living rejoice in their ignorance undeterred and unfettered,
When lawmakers are train to turn black to white and vice-versa
And the sorrowful song of the widow becomes a gyrating beat for the rich.
Who will curbed their excess?
When the ruler see themselves as the alpha and omega.
And the common slave is seen suffering from megalomania,
When dog are married to man in church
And the sacred house turn to club.
Whom are we to turn to?

Synopsis: The writer uses, very extensively, a poetic device called rhetorical question to provoke logical reasoning in the mind of the reader.
Author’s Profile: Ibrahim Shehu aka Shawn Brown is a student of Mass Communication at Federal Polytechnic, Offa. He is also an aspiring poet.
Photo credit: Saatchi Arts

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