Life Is Ephemeral


If the beautiful blue sea,
Bathed the unsinkable Titanic,
Washing in and out; living and nonliving,
Then death is ephemeral
If the waters are stable,
Cool and calm like the willows,
Living without the breeze,
Then death is ephemeral
If the adoring gorgeous Angel horn flower,
Used in making of medicine for ailments,
Grants a safe trip to the other world when consumed,
Then death is ephemeral
If a thousand tonnes of years withers away,
The present and future are past,
The moments stop in a twinkle,
Then death is ephemeral
If the hills and mountain spits red hot paint,
Painting everything it’s path black,
With a single  warm touch,
Then death is ephemeral
If the silence bellows a wind of thought,
Slowly brewing and breeding,
Uncertain movement of death,
Then death itself is ephemeral,
So also life is ephemeral.
Author : Ayanlade olawale Yusuf and Akintola Akindele Abdulqadir
 Profile: Students of law at Osun state University,osogbo and budding poets with great love for poetry.


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