Immortal Love

Remember the bond made a millenium ago,
The past when the bliss of love is flawless.
Those vows written in the plates of Zodiacs,
Of our love myth read by all Jacks and Roses.
Though reincarnation tore us far apart,
Gratitude to the unbroken wheels of time.
Over the elds, I wore diverse colours and races,
Yet my beauty was preserved for you alone.
I have not forgotten how handsome you were
That night you’re crowned king of our tribe.
I received the diadem of being your queen,
My hourly homage was my soft pretty body.
I still recall the sacrifice of my maidenhead.
For centuries I carried that unfading ecstasy,
Climax of all pleasures, the feelings of you in me;
Your little prince kicked in me like Ronaldo.
Who are the women that takes you away?
That know nothing of our immortal love.
They stood not by you when the dark cloud fell.
Have you forgotten the princess destined for you?
Death, the thief has never put an asunder.
He kept postponing the utopia meant for us.
Come to me before death returns again.
Come my love! I have waited for a millenium.
Synopsis: This poem relives the lovely memories of a lover and her undying desire for the creation of more lovely memories.
Author: Enenuo Chineze Gift
Profile: She is a web developer, a gospel artist, a lyricist and a poet. Her stage name is Gift O.

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