“Ifemi! Please don’t do this to me,” he screamed. He couldn’t believe his eyes “to start with.”
She said turning back to him “My name is Ifeoluwa, not Ifemi, POC!  and then what’s the need staying with you when you cannot satisfy my sexual urge? I’m enjoying my life here!”
She turns to Bode “Another round will do dear! Let’s show this pastor how it feels.”
Bode quickly stripped off his trousers and grabbed her close to him. Poor Sammy, he closed his eyes. He couldn’t watch anymore. Tears rolled down his cheek seeing her having sex with another man in the car he gave her for valentine was unbearable.
“NO NO NO! Please stop this, we can talk this over Ife. Please stop, please!” he screamed like a wounded lion.
“Too late lover boy, I got her. She’s mine now and  always” Bode screamed back in pleasure…
Watch out for the thrilling episodes of this mind blowing true tale of a courting couple who experienced a lot of hardship and difficulty in their relationship, in our weekly publication every Friday. Full of suspense, betrayal and romance; it’s an embodiment of true, unconditional and undeserved love. Starring : Adelolu Samuel Oluwafemi, Adelolu Samson Oluwayemi, Anthony Helen Ifeoluwa and Arogunmasa Olabode.

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