Ife, Episode 6

By The Graced Family
Two weeks turned four,  Sammy and Samzy  had a lot to settle concerning their business in Abuja; new business opportunities, new partners, new strategies and all. It had never been an issue to them, they were used to extending business trips when necessary but before now they were not responsible to anyone, so it was easier. Ife wasn’t really bothered. She had all the money she wanted and the fun too, so she was even happier.
When Sammy came back he went straight to her house and was so excited to see her again. “Ifemi, I’ve so missed you” he said starring at her again.                                                       “Guy, you’ve said this over a million times” she said laughing. She was happy to see him too. To an extent, she loved him.                                                                                       “Would you go with me on the next trip,” he asked jokingly.                                                 “In fact, I was thinking you had a sound knowledge of French and Spanish and we have some new partners from Francophone countries. We’d be needing you in our company.”                 “I don’t get, what are you trying to insinuate?” she asked still laughing.                               “I want to employ you” he said joining in her laughter.                                                         “You can’t pay me” she replied, obviously joking.                                                             “Yes ma, we know ma, but we would pay better than your British American school abi what do you call their pay?”
Just then, Lillian came in and as expected, the happy tone dropped. She brought fruit juice, greeted Sammy and afterwards whispered to Ife. Ife’s mood changed immediately.               “Lilli please tell him I’m not in, please help me, em you know na, talk to him” she replied and then turned back to Sammy, trying to force a smile.                                                       “Hope all is well?” Sammy asked surprisingly. Definitely, he could read from her facial expression that all wasn’t well.                                                                                         “Em… no nothing, ahhh, my colleague at work. You know I’m supposed to teach today, yes, but I told them I had em somewhere to go, I sha lied and I don’t want him to meet me at home, that’s just it” she replied stammering.                                                                “Alright dear but, today is Saturday?” he asked. He wasn’t asking because he was suspecting her, he just wanted to get things clear.  She was shocked at this question, she didn’t even remember it was Saturday but, she was an expert. She quickly thought of something to say.                                                                                                       “Yeah, SS3 students, tutorial, WAEC is coming soon, not like soon, like in 2 months time but we have started tutorials.”                                                                                                   Before she finished her explanation, Bode walked in and now what other lie was there to lie? At first, Bode acted like he didn’t notice Sammy. He walked straight to her and he kissed her. Sammy was startled then, he turned to him.                                                                         “Hello Mr Sammy, nice to see you again man”  then he gave this did-I-do-anything-wrong-look!
The room became quiet everybody except Bode searched for words; in one, word they were confused!                                                                                                                         “Ife, what’s going on?” Sammy finally broke the silence.  Ife was still thinking of what to say before Bode decided to speak for her.                                                                           “Em… I should be asking you what you are doing here with my girlfriend, my lover, my sex mate.”                                                                                                                       “Please, when did you become Ife? Stay away from this Mr Man,” Sammy backed out.           ”Ife, what is he saying? What is happening? Tell me it’s a planned work please, tell me you don’t know about it. Tell me it’s a lie.” Sammy lamented as tears rolled down from his eyes.
Bode comfortably sat down, placed his right arm round her shoulders.                           “Human beings! Human beings love to hear lies. Alright Ife, tell him what he wants to hear. You don’t know me from anywhere, we’ve not been using his bedroom as ‘sex room’…tell him we’ve not been,” he said.                                                                                               “Shut up Bode, just shut up,” Ife finally spoke out and lifted up his arm from her shoulders. Bode quickly changed his look “No Ifemi, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten so soon, lemme remind you, you call me Boody, especially when we’re getting high on each other, sometimes you scream bloody Boody. I remember I once told you I love it when you call me Bo…”   “Bode I said shut up! Don’t you have manners at all? Sammy see, he is not my boyfriend. He has never been and that is the truth. We just accidentally… incidentally  stumbled on each other while you were away, like,  I can explain.”                                                             Bode was not ready to ‘‘have manners’’ like he was advised.  He gave her this if-I-slap-you- look and continued his story.                                                                                             “Let me help you explain. First, I’d like to remind you that it didn’t start when he was away, it started when we attended his church together on the 15th of February. Now to the explanation, Sammy this is what happened. She paid me with your money to help you do what you are supposed to do. She said you were not man enough that you did not have the potentials and that you were impotent. Ife, help me with those words you use to classify him always.”                                                                                                                               He looked at Ife who was totally confused and devastated by now. Lillian too was at one corner pretending like she had no idea of what he was saying.                                               “Bode please leave now,” Ife said almost whispering.                                                       “You have over stayed your welcome.”
She wasn’t really able to confront him like she wished because she was aware of who he was. He would slap her or beat her up without mercy if she dared but now, she had gathered some courage at least Sammy was there, he would come to her aid.                                   “I said leave, thanks for coming,” she screamed.  Sammy, who had almost poured out all the tears he had for life and godliness stood instead and said calmly “I think I am the one that should leave, I am the one not welcome here, I am the stranger.”

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