Ife, Episode 4

By The Graced Family
As months passed, Ife became more convinced to remain in the relationship because of the benefits attached. She however made a very costly, stupid mistake. Her new side boo was made so much money through her. He would demand for huge amounts of money from her before having sex with her, she was paying for his service and she got the money from no one else but Sammy.                                                                                                 “Stupid! How could you do such?” Lillian lamented.                                                             To a large extent, Lillian was wiser than Ife, it’s obvious. She had championed all the projects they carried out together, both bad and good.                                                                   “Baby, the guy is cool, hot, sweet, I enjoy every moment with him. We have more than enough, don’t we? Since its not our money, why bother? Let the idiot keep spending all his life time savings on me, hoping that one day, I would change and become like him,” Ife said trying to defend her actions.                                                                                             “Ife dear, you’re stupid. Infact, you’re out of your mind, your reasoning faculty is zero! God! I hate you bae” Lillian replied disgusted.                                                                               “The feeling is mutual darling, you’re as stupid as I am. We’re in it together and I hate you too,” Ife grinned, walking away from Lillian. Lillian could not take it anymore, she dragged her by her hair: “Come back here stupid girl. Come here! Please, when did you meet this Bode idiot, and I don’t get, is it love going on between you guys or a relationship or what? How do we classify it? Girl you’re dumb, why would you pay for sex, are you so cheap? Are you that desperate? Babe, there are so many dicks lying out there on the street looking for a pussy to fuck and here you are paying millions for how many minutes sex? He’s a thief, a big time thief and I was not joking when I said I hate you, can’t believe it! You’re mysterious, Chai! God will not allow me to see bad thing o! My yansh that I’m using to do shakara for presidents you you you,not that the guy has money sef, one wretched church rat from no where! Think baby think. This is not how I trained you.”
Obviously, Ife was not going to say anything back, she had her mind fixed. But the issue was what her driving force was. Why was she so interested in sex? She didn’t lie to Samzy when she told him she broke up with her ex because he demanded for a kiss, she was real, but why did the fire for sex begin to burn in her now? She asked herself this same question the day after she had this conversation with Lillian and she realised she began to love sex the day Sammy told her he didn’t like it.
Sad enough, poor Sammy wasn’t going to give up on her. He was determined to do anything, whatsoever to change her and make her a better person. Samzy asked him one day what he would do if he found out that Ife was cheating on him and was just dating him for his money. “I would fight for her with everything I have and get her back” was his response. He never knew Samzy was trying to reveal to him the reality in parables.
On the 29th of May, the twins had to travel to Abuja for a business conference. Sammy pleaded with Samzy to follow him to Ife’s house to inform her and spend the last moment with her but he refused. He gave an excuse of getting the documents ready so as to save some time “three is a crowd” he laughed.  But then, could he keep the secret forever? Did he think it would be better for his brother to know later than now? He sure didn’t want to break his promise to his brother to support him in building the sick relationship. He was confused, he wanted to be sure he was doing the right thing and that was why he had waited this long.
“Two weeks? That’s too much baby, how do I cope? What do I eat? No new clothes or fuel for my ride for the next two weeks, no oh!” she screamed after Sammy broke the news to her. “Ifemi, so you’re concerned about what to eat and use and not me myself?” he sighed, disappointed.                                                                                                               “Don’t you know that as long as you keep in touch with me, you will always have all these things, so I am the one you should desire,” little did he know that no part of her desired him. All she wanted was his money.                                                                                           “Well,” he continued, “I opened a joint bank account for the both of us and a specific percentage of all my income I’d allocate regularly to that account. I’d give you the details before leaving”.
After some hours, on his way home, he gave her an atm card to access the joint account and the keys to his house. He had barely left when she picked up her phone to call Bode.   “Boddy! Boddy Boody, how are you darling, alright, surprise surprise! Come to my place now and I’d give you a card, all my stupid lover gives me I give to you. Come, let’s have some fun from now till the next two weeks! Yeah I’m for real, I’m not kidding, yes na it’s permanently yours, the card, the money, everything, yes sweetheart, guess what that’s not all, I have the keys to his mansion. While he’s away, we can enjoy ourselves there! Yeah baby, all for you, alright I’m expecting you, love plenty, muah”
Ife willingly gave all she had to Bode. She exchanged all the beautiful things Sammy gave her just to get the one that he didn’t give her. As expected, now that Bode had access to all that was supposed to be hers, he took her for granted. After a week of enjoyment, he decided that he wanted to go to Abuja too, that he wanted to attend the same conference the twins were for reasons best know to him. Ife tried to beg him. She couldn’t stay so long without sex, but he insisted. At a point when she was trying to make him understand that he had been paid to satisfy her,  he got angry and he beat her blue and black. He handled her like an opponent in a wrestling match, the impact of that day would last forever in her memory.
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