Ife, Episode 3

By The Graced Family
‘Grin! grin!! grin!!!’                                                                                                               The alarm clock had been ringing for hours, obviously, the twins were as tired as they were. Sammy slept a few hours ago, after thorough discussion with his Ife and personal prayers for the relationship. He wasn’t satisfied with the prayers. He felt a need to intercede more for his lover, probably he had that feeling that she wasn’t real with him. He loved her and could go any length for her but then, he had to stop his prayer when it was 4am. February 15 was a Sunday, the first time he’d take his lover to church. He had plans of introducing her to his pastor and would even be pleased to take her to his parents but she insisted on taking it slow. She wanted the relationship to be stable before involving parents.
“Sam! Get up! It’s past 7 already!” Samzy finally woke up.                                           ”Quickly go tell Ife to get ready. I’d make something simple for breakfast, we should be out of this house by 7:45, service starts by 8,” he concluded.
Jumping out of bed, Sammy stood up, shook his head and whispered, “No Sam, devotion first”. He made his way to the room Ife spent her night.                                                   “Ife! Ifemi! Wake up” he screamed.                                                                                 “Ife can you hear me? We’re late for service, please get up… alright I want to see your beautiful face, come out.”                                                                                             “Sam what’s going on? Please be quick”, Samzy screamed from the living room. He wasn’t pleased with Sammy’s slow preparation. Just then, Sammy walked up to him.                 “Sam I don’t understand. I can hear sounds. She’s awake but she’s not saying anything.” He complained.                                                                                                                       “Sam! Open the door! Look, there’s no time to check time!”                                             Samzy was a very good time manager. He hated it being late for an appointment. He’s always in a hurry even when he’s two hours earlier.                                                             “I can’t,” Sammy replied.                                                                                             “What if she’s naked?”
Samzy wasn’t ready to see reasons with his twin. He moved to the door and pressed his finger against the door. All their doors could be opened by their finger prints.                         “What?” he screamed. This attracted Sammy.                                                             “Sammy, please just go ahead, go and get prepared. I’ve informed her she’d join us soon.” He said trying to prevent his brother from entering the room. Even the dumbest person would know that there’s a skeleton in the cupboard.                                                               “Samzy, get out of my way. What’s going on in there?” Sammy replied. Tears was already forming in  his eyes. Samzy still would not let him go in.                                             “Please, Sammy you shouldn’t see this, please, I’d tell you later!” He pleaded but Sammy was not convinced.                                                                                                   “Please!” With this, he forced himself into the room.  Disappointment flowed from his heart to his face.                                                                                                                   “Why? Why Ife? Why this?” That was the least thing he expected from her.                           “Ifemi, I was cold, so cold and since sex is prohibited in our relationship, I tried cigarette. It didn’t help at all so I had to sniff just a little. It’s good for the body sometimes you know,” Ife replied with no sign of remorse.
Sammy couldn’t control his tears, what wrong had he done? Was loving her a crime? Why did she delight in doing the things he hated and detested the most?                                     “Sam, go get ready for church, Ife clean up this mess and go prepare for church, we’d talk about this later,” Samzy instructed, interrupting the silence.                                       “Church? Did you just say church? I’m not in the mood please! You guys go, I’d stay and make lunch for you,” Ife replied nonchalantly. Sammy left immediately frustrated while Samzy did his best to convince Ife to accompany them to church.
This kind of love was so ironical. Samzy still found it hard to comprehend why his brother loved Ife so much. She’s a specialist in breaking his heart. In fact, she was the direct opposite of his brother. Before, during and after the church service, she displayed funny characters. It was like her evil was multiplying hourly.
Something happened after service. She left Sammy for a long period of time. Samzy suspecting that she might be doing something funny somewhere went to check for her alone. He was shocked when he caressing a guy at a corner.                                                   “Baby you’re so hot,” the guy said.                                                                               “Yeah, I know baby. Beep me when you’re ready. Forget about money. My bf is mega rich. There’s nothing I want that I don’t get, except…” Samzy could not watch her continue saying trash.                                                                                                                               “Ife, it’s time to go” he screamed angrily.                                                                           “Is that him?” the guy asked “No, his twin, Gatto go! holla me!” She replied and pecked him on his cheek.
“Ife what was that suppose to mean?” Samzy asked boiling in anger.                           “What?” she replied with a nonchalant look.                                                                   “Well, his name is Bode. We sat together at the first timers special seat and we began to talk. He wanted to see me for something special and so that was why you met us there. What did you hear or see?” Samzy was definitely not going to give her a reply, that’s who he was.                                                                                                                               “Look here! Mr Adelolu Samson Oluwayemi, your brother must not know about this! What am I even saying? Even if you tell him, I’d beg him and that’s all. He’s so obsessed with me. He can’t live without me. There’s nothing you say or do that will change that fact so, it’s best for you to just keep shut and mind your business. Besides, stop stalking me all around!”
Thanks for reading our story, we hope you’ve enjoyed it. Watch out for the next episode soon.
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