Ife, Episode 2

By the Graced Family
“Babe you fuck up, you’re a goat” Lillian screamed, shocked.                                          Lillian had been Ife’s roommate and best friend for a very long time now, ever since her second year in school. They claimed to be inseparable.                                                     “How could you make such a stupid decision? Babe you know how much we need that car! You know how much we have suffered before you met him. You know how much we need him and he’s money for goodness sake, he is ready to give you everything he has, every single thing.”                                                                                                                “Except sex,” Ife cut in.                                                                                                     “How can I possibly live without sex? I’m enjoying his money but I’m not enjoying myself.”
The room became silent for a while. These girls rarely had word banter even though they hauled jibes at themselves a lot. None ever made a complete sentence without hauling a jibe. They had grown to be closer than sisters.                                                                   “My love I’m sorry to ask, are you dump?” Lillian asked still not getting the point Ife was trying to make.                                                                                                         “Haven’t you heard of the word ‘tromper’ ? Stupid girl that’s the word! Fuck off, you’d enjoy his money while you’re with him and enjoy yourself elsewhere,” she concluded and they both laughed it off.                                                                                                                 “Lilli you’re possessed! Get out, Devil! Idiot, you will never change, it’s in your blood, but what do I do now na?” Ife asked back confused.                                                                    Lillian could have slapped her at that point thinking how she would not understand simple English.                                                                                                                           “Idiot, pick up your phone and call the sick man,” she replied nonchalantly.
Meanwhile in the Adelolu’s castle, brothers were boiling,                                                     “Oh no! What rubbish!” Samzy said in displeasure.                                                               “I thought this same lady told me she broke up with her ex because he demanded for a kiss! So it was a lie, she’s a bloody liar.”                                                                                 “Sam stop, stop it. This is my fiancee we’re talking about boy, she may have done wrong but I still love her.”                                                                                                         Sammy was so sober, heart broken, confused but Samzy was not. He couldn’t comprehend. “Sammy, the question is why do you love her? What have you found in her, poor, insulting, sinful self? In fact she is the opposite of you my brother. She doesn’t deserve your love. She’s filthy.  You’re, permit me to say, holy. How would you guys live together, you want  some advice? Alright my advice is that you just wait till we’re 30. God would bring our own flesh of flesh and bone of bone. Just forget her,” he concluded.                                           “No I can’t, she’s like my life now, when I think of her I’m happy. The only woman I find joy and happiness in, my strength. I can definitely live without her but I want her and I believe I can change her to be like me. I’d go for her. I love her.  Yes she’s not qualified to be my wife but I will make her qualified. I will make her my own and no one will snatch her from me,” he turns to Samzy.                                                                                                              “Sam!”                                                                                                                           “Yes Sam” Samzy replied and Sammy took his hand.                                                             “You’d do this with me right?”                                                                                          “Just make sure you’re doing the right thing and you’re convinced in your heart that it’s the right thing,” he replied handing him his phone.                                                             “Alright go on, call her and do as I say.”
You needed to see the radiant smile in their faces. Same smile, same eyes, same everything, and this is what brought them together always; love, beautiful love, a love that couldn’t be explained.                                                                                                       “Are you kidding, she’s calling,” Sammy exclaimed in excitement.                                         “Alright, pick up and be sure you’re not too desperate. Just be calm and reply like you’re…” Sammy couldn’t wait to listen to all the preaching from Samzy.                                     “Hello Ifemi,” he said smiling and walking away from Samzy.”                                       ”What? alright just enjoy yourself, I’m waiting” Samzy exclaimed.                                     “Sam, she said she’s at the gate! He whispered back still on the call.”                               “Why, it’s too late, it’s almost ten. Well, let’s go let’s go.”
So nice, Sammy got to enjoy his valentine after everything that transpired earlier in the day. After a sumptuous dinner prepared by Samzy, he began the conversation.
“So why didn’t you inform me before leaving your house or where ever you’re coming from?” he asked.                                                                                                                   “Wherever I’m coming from? God where would I be coming from at this time of the night?” She replied with this kind of what-do-you-mean-look.”                                                     “I’m sorry,” he quickly responded before it became another issue.                                     “I’m just surprised to see you again today.”                                                             “Hmmm, let’s forget about what happened earlier, wipe it off your head, it didn’t happen and again I’m sorry if I over reacted, I never knew…” she tried to explain.                                   “Alright, alright, alright,” he replied. He wasn’t interested in any explanation. All he wanted was a change.                                                                                                                     “Ok, I didn’t inform you because I know you’d ask me not to come this night and I really wanted to apologize to you this same day and get the gift you had for me this same day, if not, its not valentine’s gift, it’s post valentine gift.”
That was a reason to laugh and after a formal presentation of the gift at exactly 10:58, the lover boy sat alone with the lover girl in the valentine car for serious discussion, apparently, she would be spending the night there.
“So Ifemi, I think this is the right time to discuss the do’s and don’ts of this relationship” he started.                                                                                                                               “Yeah baby, Ifemi I’m ready to listen, I’d obey you from the first to the last,” she said in pretence.                                                                                                                       “And here’s number one,” he said interrupting her thought “NO SEX.”
Thanks for reading our story. Watch out for the next episode of this exciting story.

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