Ife, Episode 1

By the Graced Family
The full moon was out;the weather was cool. The sea moved calmly culminating a perfect weather for two. It was valentine’s day. This is the first valentine Sammy had without his twin brother Samzy because now, he had a girlfriend. Of course he was going to clock twenty-eight in four days time so he wasn’t too young to have a girlfriend, he was even too old. He had spent so much time on getting himself balanced, and so he had little time for ladies. Moreover, he claimed to have waited this far because he had not found the girl he loved. Samzy however had had so many girlfriends. Just like Sammy, he had been too busy to show them love. So he broke up with his last girlfriend three years ago and  agreed with his brother that until they were thirty, they wouldn’t be involved in any relationship.
You need to see how happy Samzy was when he heard that Sammy had finally found someone he loved. He was happy not just because his brother was now a man,  but because he wasn’t the first person to break their agreement as usual. He helped Sammy in the wooing process and even began to like her at a point. To overcome lust and betrayal he would always say to himself ‘Iyawo taiye, iyawo Kehinde naa ni’ meaning, my twinnie’s wife is my wife. He had been a special adviser to Sammy since he began the relationship on the first day of that year. He even forced him to take her out on a date for valentine and to get her a special gift. He was experienced and so he was the best teacher.
“Oluwafemi!” Ife romantically whispered into Sammy’s ears rubbing his chest. He wasn’t too comfortable. Apart from the fact that he was a ‘Johny Just Come’ in this matter, he had an idea of what all her romance would lead to ‘SEX!!!’ And he was a strong fan of ‘no sex before marriage’. He had helped Samzy overcome sexual urges over time but then, he had to co-operate. It’s their happy day and he sure doesn’t want to ruin it.                                   ‘Femi’,she called again.                                                                                                 ‘permit me to change your name from Femi to Ifemi’, she said. Now she was already kissing his neck and pulling off his shirt                                                                                         ‘urgh Ife, that’s nice’ he replied, trying to push her away gently.                                       ‘hold on” he said standing up finally, and moving towards the sea.                                         ‘I have something to tell you too’                                                                                       ‘Alright go on’ she replied disappointed while her heart whispered ‘ I hope this guy isn’t impotent’.                                                                                                                     ‘Errgh Ife, wow, I think I can call you Ifemi too, never noticed it, we have the same name, Ifeoluwa, Oluwafemi, Ifemi nice pet name’, he said moving farther and trying to force out a smile.
All his intention was ‘just forget about sex dear, let’s say something else’, how possible?  He probably didn’t know what it meant to be ‘in the mood’. This babe was damn thirsty and no story could water down the thirst.
‘Sammy, is that what you want to say?’ she replied with a change in tune, walking down to him with this ‘by fire by force’ expression.                                                                         ‘No no’, he said thinking of something else to say.                                                           ‘That’s not what I wanted to say. What I wanted to say is wait look the sky and the sea, it’s like they’re meeting together at that spot, can you see?’ he tries to divert her attention.         ‘For goodness sake, I’ve seen that over and over again, there’s nothing new about it, Ifemi, don’t be scared. I understand but I can assure you the first time is always the best time. Come let’s have some fun’, she came out clearly, pulling off her panties.                             ‘Ifemi, I don’t understand what you’re saying or doing’, he stammered.
In his mind he prayed to God to help him overcome this. He was already becoming weak. He knew her breasts were tempting. He felt like grabbing them and enjoying the moment.
‘You’d understand when we start’, she said. It’s obvious that she couldn’t control herself anymore.                                                                                                                         ‘No no! Ifemi, this is what I wanted to say’, he tried to stop her from coming closer. She was totally naked.                                                                                                                 ‘Say it after we’re done’, she shouted and pounced on him. He quickly pushed her away;it was the best thing he could do for himself.                                                                         ‘Ife I’m sorry. What I wanted  to say is I’m a Christian and I do not support sex outside marriage. I’m sorry I know how you feel but maybe we should just get married on time so that this wouldn’t be an issue any longer. I promise to satisfy all your desires immediately I meet your parents, pay what is due and receive pastoral blessings’, he concluded.           ‘Shut up! Fool, impotent idiot, tell me you can’t do it and stop giving silly excuses. No wonder you never had a girl friend. Keep yourself, keep your ring, keep your marriage’, she screamed throwing her engagement ring to him. She quickly wore her clothes and was set to go.                                                                                                                                 ‘Ife, please let me drop you at your place at least’, he begged.                                         ‘Get out of my sight’, she screamed.                                                                               ‘Alright. I told you I got a car for you as a gift please don’t reject my offer, please just take the car’, he begged further.                                                                                             ‘Fuck you!’ she screamed and she was out of there.
In confusion, Sammy fell to the ground.                                                                         ‘What will I do now?’ he thought.                                                                                           ‘She’s not my type, doesn’t share my ideology. She values sin and calls it fun. That’s what I hate the most but I still love  her.  What’s the next step?                                                   As this continued in his mind, Samzy was his next option at least he was experienced.
Thanks for reading our story. Watch out for the next episode.

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