If I was a Poet

If I was a painter,
I would seat all night staring at your face
Sparkling like diamonds
Twinkling in the sky
I will paint your long slender frame enthroned on the moon.
If I was an artist,
I would sketch out every curve of your body
Every line in your face
The thud of your pulse
The beauty in your smile
The tears in your eyes.
If I was a musician,
I would sing you a love song.
Serenade you in the morning
A lullaby by night.
Come rain or shine
You would be my music forever.
If I was a poet,
I would write you into my lines
Cloth you with similes
Beautify you with oxymoron
Punctuate you with rhymes
Paint you into every heart
With a metaphoric brush
I would sketch your beauty like the morning sun on the rainbow
And sing to you with the lyrical flow of a poet.
I am a poet
 And you my dear are my poem.
Author : Oni Temitope Deborah (09Topsy)
Profile: She studied Pyschology at Obafemi Awolowo University.

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