I Will Laugh Last

Days when pains cloud the soul
as though comforting
There lies hope with it’s ever
radiant gaze
Days when hunger habits
stomach’s vacancy
Does not hope mutter perseverance?
The night seems too long to persist
The morning appearing as a mirage
Life seems filled with it’s emptiness
Mortals hope in fellow land
of gold to trend
Whose pains and sweat make glitter
Is life not in phases
and men in sizes?
This knowledge mortals need grip
Oh mortals!
Do sleep in the claws of cold for
The rainbow haste to gaze thy face 
To remind the promise never fails.
Here is the day where gain flourish.
Missions of darkness away fizzle.
For the light intrudes with it’s host of joy parading.
Pain is gone and soon forgotten. 
Only mortals who on track are found 
Would laugh last the laugh of victory.
Author: Timi Ibiwale
Profile: He studied English and French at Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education and works as a speech instructor at Apt Communication Concept.

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