I Know Love

I know love,I’ve been given plenty
On the breastplate of gold
But it ever lacked a thing–my heart
It stood aloof all even with trials.
Then you came…
Shattering my lil defence
You broke through the walls
With nothing but your heart
And mine locks without resistance.
Ebunmi,you think itz pretence?
Hell NO!
If it was pretence,
I’ld do all to impress you for the gain.
If it was pretence,
I’ld feel no pains,no anger
I’ld just smile through it…
All for the gain.
Love doesn’t cost a thing they say,
True love does cost more, I say.
I look beyond my IMAGINATION
Never to loose sight of my DESIRE.
Ebunmi,you are my desire.
Author:  Yami Bamgboye
Author’s Profile: He is a graduate of English and Literary Studies from Lagos State University.
Photo credit: Complex

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