For My Momma



When I was 6,
My momma taught me
how to separate my tears from my fears;
My tears was a tale twirled round
the table of my memories.
My fears was for the future
finding solace between walls
of misfortune.
My momma learnt to till
the soil with her sweat and blood,
Just to make me a happy boy.
So she planted a seed of courage
into the deep valley of my heart
and taught me to face the future
frantically with boldness and zeal.
My father was a drunkard
who drank hard to stupor,
He cared less for my future
and abandoned I and my momma;
So we learnt to build our faith
not fate,
We learnt to watch the sun set on
the clouds of rainbow,
We just learnt life in a hard way.
Now I’m 19,
Trying to fulfill my dreams,
Trying to put to practice
what I’ve learnt from my momma.
She now tells me:
” Son, now you have to struggle,
You have to make me proud
and happy.
When you were 6,
I taught you the patterns of life,
I taught you to be strong and valiant,
Now you have to show it!
You have to show it my dear son”,
And I replied:
” I promise to make you proud momma”.
Now at this age,
I’ve gotten to that stage in life
to create a page of history
in this book of life;
To be a sage and let loose
of my creativity locked in a cage.
I just want to make my momma proud,
I want to place a smile on her wrinkled face,
And help her grow stronger;
I’m her only child and she’s my only momma.
I want to just make her laugh away
her past sorrows
and catch a glimpse of tranquility
waving in the atmosphere.
I love you momma.

Synopsis: This beautiful piece examines certain nostalgic feelings and the realities of life in adulthood.
Author: William Praise (Willipraise)
Profile: He is an undergraduate and an aspiring writer.

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