For Broken Girls

By Charlotte Akello
Broken girls have tales hidden in the cracks around their bodies,                                           Tales of broken hymens that failed to mend,                                                                       Of days boys forcefully devoured their bodies and their voices were lost…

History is written in their hands,
Fights they fought before they knew how to utter a word,
Forcing their way through pelvic bones
hoping to gain freedom.
Yet the world waited for them to lose their milk teeth,
And their bodies were taken from them…
Broken girls don’t own their bodies,
They are scattered by the roadside,
Under the trees,
In empty tombs,
In beds of boys they thought they trusted
Only to end up with broken bones
and a lost body.

Synopsis: This interesting piece x-rays the sexual predicament of the girl child.
Author’s Profile: Charlotte is a student and an aspiring poet.

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