Echoes of Creation

But these are progeny of Eve
Echoes of creation
Born with adornment
Gleaning chemistry on breastplate
Of honour, prestige
Even the most unknown…
That ditch descendants of Adam
In darting protruding salivation.
It had–has–is
The proliferation of their mantra
‘Our style, our way, a norm’
First, a walk with grins of deceit
Trailed by the mishmash of pleasures;
Clothed in ironies and betrayal
Of logic, emotions and trust
Those of Adam bask in their folly.
Like Eve,
They fall without resistance!!
These indeed
Are echoes of creation.
Synopsis: This poem satirizes the gullibility of ladies who don’t possess the ability to scrutinize the genuine intents of the guys they fall for. 
Author: Yami Bamgboye
Profile: He studied English and literature at Lagos State University.

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