Open your ears Sweetie,feel my heartbeat
Stretch your arms,caress my pulse
Wink at me,quench my thirst
Plant a kiss on my lips,
Take me to yonder–lovers’ haven
Hand-in-hand we’ll be,without additives.Take a seat,spread a mat
Relax your mind to savour
Words of true emotions.
Oh Sweetie,oh Ebunmi,
How I love you so much.I wake up with thoughts of
I sleep with thoughts of you…
You run in my veins like blood
And queen my threshold.You are my Tower of Babel
built as the finest
You are the favoured,
The most carved in the shop of
the Master Sculptor
Endowed with beautiful pointing stars
And fleshy hill.Let the trees be the store house
Let the leaves re-echo them
Let them travel through the wind
And let the gentle waves whisper
How much I so love you.Author: Yami Bamgboye
Profile: He studied English language at Lagos State University

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