Doro's Diary

‘Zizi, you’ve been laughing like a hyena.I really hate it.’
‘But you are the bosstest boss nah. So the rich also cry’. Zizi laughs again sprawling on the floor.
In annoyance, Doro tries to stand. She struggles with her balance and walks spreading her in-between to the couch behind Zizi. As she lays, she smiles and remembers one of her most daring adventures on the same couch.On a fateful day, Jare, one of the kid weirdos in the neighbourhood had been to Doro’s apartment on an errand. After a knock or two, she looked through a hallow and smiled. ‘I know this one can take it’, she said to herself. She took few steps backward and shouted, ‘I’m in’. Funnily, Jare was unsually cool and his mind was bare for the first time. He walked in, sat and waited for Doro. Were Zizi in, she would have been a team player and nothing would have changed. Few seconds later, she was a yard behind Jare.
‘So, how much did you buy the stuff?’ Her voiced filtered through.
‘I went round and round before…’, he turned his neck and it became stiff. His mouth became dry and he felt a rushing sensation for he was just an agent of sight.
‘Aunty, I …’ a finger beckoned and completed his sentence.’Wait oh’, Zizi says jerking Doro out of her thoughts.
‘Hanhan…se no be you?’
‘You wey chop four in one day; two for TDB and anoda two for waka pass?’ She concludes laughing and Doro joins reluctantly.

Author: Yami Bamgboye
Profile: He studied English and Literary Studies at Lagos State University.

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