Do they Care?

By Olaoye Sheu (Shawbrown)

Listen,listen,listen,there it is
The wind carrying it on with calculated risk
Gently and soothing it to please
Alas! Our cry of woe will cease
If only the polyphony will be carried by breeze
And our warmongering descend in peace
Perchance the suffering will cease
And we may live at bliss
And what if we actually do cease
And the wind carries our polyphony in unifying pace
Our cry of woe is nothing but music to there flattening ear
For little do they care!
Whether we stumble or lay down dead
For God is their foe and they do not fear
Whether we feed on maggots
And our bones lean out bare
Little do they care.

Synopsis: This poem beams its searchlight on the gluttonous nature of Nigerian politicians.

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